Calling all artists!-Environmental Health & Safety - Carnegie Mellon University

Calling All Artists!

EH&S is looking for a student artist or artists to use their creative capabilities to design a piece of artwork that can be used as a header for the EH&S Safety in the Arts main webpage.  Interested artists should create a piece of artwork about the safety measures that should be taken when using their chosen medium.  For example, a photograph creatively showing the proper handling of photochemicals.  Any medium is acceptable, so long as the proper handling precautions are taken and the submission is contextually appropriate.  Submissions should include a brief written explanation of the chosen medium and how the piece of art depicts the safety precautions used when creating that style of artwork.  EH&S will periodically post new artwork as the header on the EH&S Safety in the Arts main page.  Artwork will be changed intermittantly, and pieces not currently displayed as the header will be posted in a Safety in the Arts virtual gallery.  Please submit your artwork and a release form to EH&S.

Contact EH&S with questions.

Phone: (412) 268-8182