Why a Dining Plan?-Dining Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Convenience. Flexibility. Good Food.

There are many advantages of purchasing a dining plan because you will get the added convenience, value and flexibility of being part of the campus dining community.


The dining program at Carnegie Mellon is unique. There aren’t one or two dining halls where you have to eat; rather, there are 20 locations representing over 30 concepts and menu options. Students are able to explore different tastes and interests through our robust dining program.


Students can find a dining location close to their classroom or in their residential neighborhood. Hours vary based by location, but you are sure to find something to eat on campus at all times throughout the day (and night).


Our meal plans allow you the value of a traditional dining program with the convenience and variety that you find on our campus. Purchasing a meal plan enables you to control your costs while enjoying great food. In addition, the DineXtra plan gives you the extra bonus of 1% for every $100 you deposit into your DineXtra account, up to 10%.

Healthy Options

While we do have the normal college fare of chicken fingers and french fries, we try to encourage students to choose options that are healthy and nutritious. Our menus offer a wide variety of freshly prepared foods that taste great and are good for you.


As part of Carnegie Mellon University's ongoing commitment to campus-wide sustainability, we have incorporated locally grown food, recycling, composting, fair trade and campus education into our dining program. Additionally, several of our on-campus concepts feature popular local businesses. We at Dining Services are continually looking for ways that we can save energy, purchase responsibly and give back to the environment in a meaningful way.


Our dining locations are great places to meet up with friends in the midst of your busy day. Many of our locations offer comfortable spaces to relax and enjoy your meal. Special events like theme nights, coffee house entertainment and trivia contests make eating and socializing with your friends an even more enjoyable experience.