How to Choose your Plan-Dining Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Find the Dining Plan for You

We have created many different dining plan options so that you have the flexibility to choose the plan that works the best for you.

Traditional Dining Plans

Traditional dining plans give students the flexibility to eat a different number of meals each day depending on their preferences. There are four levels of the traditional dining plan so students can pick the one that fits their needs. To decide which plan to choose, it might be helpful to ask yourself a few questions.

How much do you normally eat each week?

Students should choose the plan that fits their eating habits. For example, if you normally eat three meals a day and also like to have a late night snack, it would be better to have a plan that allows you to eat an average of three meals a day. You should select your plan based on the average number of meals you plan on eating each week along with your anticipated schedule of classes and extracurriculars. 

Do you normally eat complete meals or do you like to snack during the day?

Once you have decided which color plan you want to choose, you can pick the combination of flexible dollars and meal passes that you want within that plan. This combination will also depend on your eating habits. Do you prefer to snack on smaller portions during the day? If so, a plan with more flexible dollars might be better for you. On the other hand, do you usually eat three complete meals a day with a main course and side dishes? If so, a plan with more meal passes is for you.

Community Dining Plans

Before purchasing a community dining plan it is important to consider what type of plan you want: one with meal passes and flexible dollars or one just with DineXtra. A plan with meal passes and flexible dollars offers students the added value and convenience of the meal pass program. To decide between the Tartan Flex and Piper Select plans, consider how often you think you will eat on campus over the duration of the semester.

If you want complete flexibility when making purchases at a dining location, a DineXtra only plan would be best for you. The DineXtra Declining Balance Plan also gives you the added bonus of 1% for every $100 dollars of DineXtra that you deposit into your account, up to 10%. The more DineXtra you add, the more value you get!