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If you have a special dining need related to a health concern, please fill out the special dining needs form [pdf]. Special dining needs may include: food allergies or intolerances, gluten-sensitive enteropathy (Celiac Disease), other diseases of the stomach or intestine.

The form will be evaluated by an on-campus Registered Dietitian to provide recommendation to Dining Services. The Registered Dietitian will seek the student’s consent to speak with his/her physician or healthcare provider should that consultation be necessary.

Even if you do not have a special dining need, you can meet with our on-campus Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist to discuss any concerns you have related to your nutritional needs by visiting the University Health Services website to schedule an appointment.

Allergen Information

We are committed to making every guest's dining experience an exceptional one, including our guests with food allergies. Our dining vendors are working hard to identify the following eight major food allergen groups, which will be displayed next to the food, online menus or in a folder. For more details or specific questions, please ask the dining location manager.

Allergy: Dairy Allergy: Egg Allergy: Fish Allergy: Shellfish
Dairy egg fish shellfish
Allergy: Peanut
Allergy: Soy
Allergy: Tree Nuts Allergy: Wheat
tree nuts wheat


The Pomegranate on the second floor of the Jared L. Cohon University Center provides Kosher meals for students. In addition to this standard Kosher dining option, Dining Services also offers students the option to order strict Orthodox Kosher meals, which are delivered right to campus for easy pick-up at the Entropy convenience store. These meals are prepared and delivered to campus by Murray Avenue Kosher which is located in Squirrel Hill. You can use meal blocks, DineXtra, Flexible dollars, cash or credit when you order these meals. To start your order or to check out their menu, please visit:  https://web.campusservices.cmu.edu/dining/kosher/.


Take Comfort Too is one of the dining concepts on campus and is located on the second floor of the Jared L. Cohon University Center. All meats served at this dining concept are certified Halal meats. In addition, the Entropy convenience store provides both frozen and ready-to-eat Halal options for students to choose from.

Vegan and Vegetarian

There are many vegan and vegetarian choices for students around campus. Evgefstos in the Jared L. Cohon University Center offers strictly vegan and vegetarian Mediterranean inspired dishes. Most of our other dining locations also offer vegan and vegetarian options. University Health Services also provides many resources for students who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Gluten Free

We offer individual support for our students who require gluten free meals. Gluten free options are available at select locations across campus. We offer meal-plan accommodations for students who require completely gluten free dining options. This process starts once the special dining need form is received by the University Health Services.

If you have any other special dining needs, please contact Dining Services at: (412) 268-2139 or email us at dining@andrew.cmu.edu.

nutritionist contact

To schedule an appointment, call Student Health Services at (412) 268-2157.

Have a nutrition question? Email askrd@andrew.cmu.edu.