Dining Plan Information-Dining Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Why Use A Dining Plan?

We feel so strongly about the benefits of eating on campus regularly that we require a dining plan for all first-year students. Our dining plans have been designed so students have the flexibility to create a diet that fits their needs and the convenience to use their dining plan where and when they want.

How It Works

Our dining plans consist of two components: meal blocks and a declining balance account, called flexible dollars. The meal passes are added to your account in biweekly increments and can be used during any of the four daily meal periods. These passes normally consist of an entrée, side dishes and a drink. Passes give students a better value than if they purchased the items a la carte. Flexible dollars are extra money that can be used at any dining location to purchase additional food items a la carte or to upgrade your meal pass with special options. They can also be used to purchase grocery items at the campus convenience store, Entropy.

Our dining plans offer many different combinations of passes and flexible dollars, so you can pick a plan that fits your eating habits. If you prefer to eat complete meals, a plan with more passes might be better for you. If you prefer to snack on smaller portions, you can pick a plan with more flexible dollars. We want to make the dining experience at Carnegie Mellon as enjoyable and easy as possible for all students.