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Dining at Carnegie Mellon

Campus dining at Carnegie Mellon is about great food and creating community-oriented dining experiences for the entire university. With our uniquely strucked Dining Services and a variety of dining locations, we are able to offer food that will satisfy any appetite.

Nutrition and Healthy Living

In addition to providing the CMU community with a wide variety of high quality dining options, Carnegie Mellon Dining Services is focused on educating our students about the role that diet plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does Dining Services provide you with healthy food choices, but we are also creating a more sustainable Dining program by purchasing food that is locally grown, organic and fair trade. Dining Services also offers a variety of options for those students with special diet/nutritional needs.

Value and Affordability

Our dining plans give students healthy options and flexibility along with affordability. Signing up for a dining plan will save you money because you receive extra value when you use the meal passes to purchase meals. By purchasing a dining plan, students and parents can also guarantee that the student will have money specifically budgeted for food.

Convenience and Community

Our dining locations are located right where our students live, study, work and hang out with friends. They also have very flexible hours so that even if you are awake early in the morning or late at night, you will have options open around campus. Our dining locations make sure that students can get a great tasting, healthy meal without the hassle of preparation or clean-up. In addition to dining on campus, we also partner with some popular off-campus dining locations