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AVI Vending

Carnegie Mellon has teamed with AVI Foodsystems to install a highly responsive, satisfying and accessible casual dining experience all over campus. Available in residence halls, academic buildings and other campus services, we strive to offer you more than a simple vending machine. Full-service sandwich, soup and coffee machines, as well as traditional snack and beverage machines, give our community members the chance to find a snack conveniently—anywhere and anytime.

All vending machines equipped with card readers are able to accept Flex Dollars, DineXtra, and PlaidCash. Some campus vending machines are not equipped with card readers.

Refund Policy for vending machine malfunctions
  • Call 412-331-5080 (24/7) or email avipittsburgh@avifoodsystems.com. State and spell your name, report the machine location and problem as well as how much money you lost.
  • Your refund will be sent to the University Center room 103B for you to pick up two full business days after reporting loss.
AVI Vending

Vending machines are conveniently located across campus.

Allergen and nutrition info are available on the product labels.

AVI Vending