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Your Dining Plan Options

All first-year students are required to have a Traditional Dining plan, which offers you value through our block meal program and flexibility via the Flexible dollars provided per semester. There are four different levels of traditional plans, and within each level, you can choose among various combinations of blocks, flexible dollars, and guest meals so that you can select a dining plan that best fits your needs and eating habits.

Traditional Dining Plans

GREEN PLAN ($6,114 per year / $3,057 per semester)

Green Meal Plan

BLUE PLAN ($5,792 per year / $2,896 per semester)

Blue Meal Plan

RED PLAN ($5,490 per year / $2,745 per semester)

Red Meal Plan

YELLOW PLAN ($2,756 per year / $1,378 per semester)

Yellow Meal Plan

The yellow plan is only available to first-year students who are assigned to live in the Residence on Fifth in the Oakland community. The yellow plan has fewer meal passes so that students have the flexibility to eat on campus and use the kitchens provided in their apartments.

DineXtra Declining Balance Program

DineXtra is available to first-year students throughout the academic year, providing you with extra flexibility and value. DineXtra dollars are better than cash because you receive a bonus value of up to 10% of the amount added. (The bonus is 1% for $100, 2% for $200 and so on up to 10% for $1,000.)

Sign up for your meal plan using the Dining Portal and add DineXtra using GET Funds.