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How Your Dining Plan Works

Dining plans vary based on our student’s dining needs and interests. Students may use their dining plan at any of our 30+ dining concepts that are located throughout campus. “Meals” or “blocks” include an entrée, side, and beverage and provide students with the flexibility of dining when and where they want to eat. Students may use their meals/blocks within a two-week period. The number of meals/blocks associated with the dining plan period is reset every two weeks. Plans vary in meals/blocks available per period along with an assigned amount of flexible spending dollars. Students should select the dining plan that best reflects their lifestyle and dining habits.

Meals or Blocks

There are four meal periods per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. You can use one block/meal during each of the periods. Meals/blocks normally consist of an entrée, side dish, and a drink. Our dining locations offer many different options, so you can customize your meal to fit your tastes.

Flexible Dollars and DineXtra

Flexible dollars and DineXtra are extra cash that can be used at any point during the semester. Flexible dollars are built into your dining plan, whereas DineXtra is additional funds that can be purchased on top of your Traditional Plan. Both can be used to upgrade your meals with special options like premium entrées or to purchase items a la carte at any of our dining locations. Flexible dollars and DineXtra can also be used at Entropy, our campus convenience store, to purchase grocery items and other sundries. In addition to dining on campus, we also partner with some popular off-campus dining locations

Unused flexible dollars do not roll over to the next semester. DineXtra balances do roll over from the fall to the spring semester, but your account expires at the end of the spring semester.

Guest Meals

Are your parents or friends coming to visit? Two guest meals are included in the green, blue, and red Traditional Plans each semester so that guests can enjoy a campus meal with you! Or, you can use your guest meals as an additional meal during one block. Guest meals can be redeemed at any time during the semester.

Meal Periods

3:30 am – 10:29:59 am

10:30 am – 4:29:59 pm

4:30 pm – 8:59:59 pm

Late Night
9:00 pm – 3:29:59 am

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