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How Your Dining Plan Works

We have designed our dining plans so that you can chose when, where and what you want to eat to best fit your schedule and dining needs. Your dining plan is encoded on your Carnegie Mellon ID card so that you can have easy access to your account wherever you go.

There are several different ways to use your dining plan on campus. Our dining plans consist of value meals combined with a declining balance account called flexible dollars. The value meals are added to your account in biweekly increments. At the end of each two-week period, you are given a new allotment of meals. You can use the flexible dollars at any point during the semester. First-year students can also purchase an additional DineXtra plan which acts as a declining balance account for the entire semester if they would like additional dining funds on top of their traditional dining plan.

Meal Passes

There are four meal periods per day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. You can use one pass during each of the meal periods. Meal passes normally consist of an entrée, side dishes and a drink. Each of our dining locations offers many different options so that you can customize your own meal pass to fit your tastes.

Guest Meals

Are your parents or friends coming to visit? Two guest meals are included in your dining plan each semester so that guests can enjoy campus food with you! You can also use these meals if you would like to use two meals during one pass period. These guest meals can be redeemed at any time during the semester.

Flexible Dollars and DineXtra

Flexible dollars and DineXtra are extra cash that can be used at any point during the semester. They can be used to upgrade your meal passes with special options like premium entrées or to purchase items a la carte at any of our dining locations. Flexible dollars and DineXtra can also be used at Entropy, the campus convenience store, to purchase grocery items to supplement your daily meals. In addition to dining locations on campus, they are also accepted at Eat n' Park (Murray Ave), Vocelli's Pizza (Baum Blvd) and Subway (S. Craig St) off campus.

Unused flexible dollars do not roll over to the next semester. DineXtra balances do roll over from the fall to the spring semester, but your account expires at the end of the spring semester.
03:30:00 am – 10:29:59 am

10:30:00 am – 03:59:59 pm

04:00:00 pm – 07:59:59 pm

Late Night
08:00:00 pm – 03:29:59 am

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