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You Are What You Eat

In addition to providing you with a wide variety of high quality dining options, Carnegie Mellon Dining Services is focused on educating students about the role that diet plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dining Services is working with our dining vendors to begin a food icon program to help our diners understand more about their dining choices. Food icons will be displayed next to the food and/or menus.

Allergen Information

We are committed to making every guest’s dining experience an exceptional one, including our guests with food allergies. Our dining vendors are working hard to identify the following eight major food allergen groups, which will be displayed next to the food, online menus or in a folder. Ask the managers of the dining locations where you are buying your meals for more information. For additional assistance, please contact the campus Registered Dietitian at

Allergy: Dairy Allergy: Egg Allergy: Fish Allergy: Shellfish
Dairy egg fish shellfish
Allergy: Peanut Allergy: Soy Allergy: Tree Nuts Allergy: Wheat
peanut soy tree nuts wheat

Vegan and Vegetarian

There are many vegan and vegetarians choices for students around campus. Evgefstos in the Cohon Center offers strictly vegan and vegetarian Mediterranean inspired dishes. Most of our other dining locations also offer vegan and vegetarian options. University Health Services also provides many resources for students who follow a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Resources at University Health Services

University Health Services provides students with a comprehensive nutrition guide to help you make smart eating choices and learn more about the foods you eat. If you would like to improve your eating habits and work towards a healthier lifestyle, schedule a counseling session with our full-time registered dietitian and nutritionist, Paula Martin. Peer Health Advocates, based in University Health Services, can also provide the "Tartan Nutrition Tips: How to have a Dynamite Diet" presentation for your student group or residence hall.

If you would like to learn more about healthy eating, University Health Services also offers a different mini-course each semester listed under the university wide 99 course offerings.  In the past these courses have included Personal Nutrition, Health and Wellness Across the Spectrum and Managing Stress, Restoring Harmony.

nutritionist contact

To schedule an appointment, visit University Health Services.

Have a nutrition question? Email

Download the Nutrition Calculator App

Hold nutrition and allergen information for dining items across campus right in the palm of your hand!

Apple App: "CMU Nutrition"
Google Play: "Carnegie Mellon Nutrition"

You can also access the Nutrition Calculator via the web.

online resources - Encourages healthy food diets and physical activities

Go Ask Alice - Database of health and wellness information

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - World's largest organization of nutrition professionals

North American Vegetarian Society - Health information and recipe ideas for vegetarians

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