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Your Dining Plan Options

Traditional Dining Plans

Traditional dining plans offer flexibility and convenience to all students. Under the traditional dining plans, value meals are added to your account in biweekly increments. At the end of each two week period, you are given a new allotment of meals. You can use the flexible dollars at any point during the semester. Each different level offers different combinations of meal passes and flexible dollars so students can pick a dining plan that best fits their needs and eating habits.

Community Dining Plans

The community dining plans are particularly suited to fit the needs of graduate students. Students can be very flexible in how they chose to use their meal passes because these plans offer a certain amount of meals per semester. Have a busy week and plan on eating on-campus almost every day? Going out of town the next week for an interview? The community dining plans give you the flexibility to eat meals where and when you want. These plans also include flexible dollars so that students can purchase food items outside of their meal passes.

DineXtra Declining Balance Program

DineXtra plans are available to all students, even those who already have another dining plan. A DineXtra plan gives you extra flexibility and extra value. DineXtra dollars are better than cash: You get a bonus value of up to 10% of the amount added. (The bonus is 1% for $100, 2% for $200 and so on up to 10% for $1,000.) That difference means extra money to buy food. No wonder we call it DineXtra!