index-Dining Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Dining Rubric

Menu Selection

  • Menu options provide a wide variety of choices
  • Special dietary options such as vegetarian, low-fat and low-cholesterol are available
  • Food is prepared in a manner which ensures proper temperature and safe handling
  • Food is fresh, quality grade and attractively displayed
  • Menus options are responsive to current dining trends and community preferences
  • A variety of food preparation methods are used such as broiling, grilling, stir-frying, etc.
  • New items are frequently introduced
  • Method in place for gathering feedback on menu options


  • Hours of operation reflect customer demand
  • Staffing schedules ensure efficient service at peak time periods
  • Locations are attractive and inviting
  • Ethnic, regional and religious preference menu items are available
  • Available to individual diners/customers on an on-going basis

Nutritional Soundness

  • Menu options are nutritionally balanced
  • Menus options incorporate adequate nutritional content
  • Information in nutritional education is made available
  • Nutritional analysis of menu options is available
  • Provisions are made for students with dietary needs

Financial Accountability and Viability

  • Sound financial practices are maintained
  • Financial information is available to client upon request
  • Commitment to efficiency and cost-savings is reflected in staff patterns, cost of goods and merchandising
  • Ensuring financial responsibility and efficiencies in operations is an on-going priority
  • Adequate analysis is completed on pricing, customer satisfaction and economic trends
  • Resources are available to support on-going improvements within the dining program


  • Initiatives reflect the campus commitment to sustainability
  • Mechanisms in place to promote and implement recycling, composting, etc.
  • Purchasing of eco-friendly products managed effectively
  • Knowledgeable of industry sustainability trends and initiatives

Integrated Services

  • Possess understanding of campus and university culture and the unique characteristics of this campus
  • Support campus traditions and community events
  • Establish collaborative relationships with campus constituents to further the success of individual and joint goals
  • Engage in supporting the greater missions of the University
  • Participate in dialogue that gathers feedback on customer needs, desires and preferences
  • Provide an open and welcoming customer service philosophy with employees, students, staff and faculty