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Erte Xiao

Assistant Professor, Social and Decision Sciences

Office: BP 319E
Phone: (412) 268-6780
Fax: (412) 268-6938
Administrative Assistant: Rosa Stipanovic
Alternate Contact: Phone: (412) 268-6971, Email:


Ph.D.:George Mason University, Economics, 2006


Psychology and economics, design and analysis of economics experiments, judgment and decision making, social norms, emotions.


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Working Papers

Erte Xiao "Profit seeking punishment corrupts norm obedience" (Revision requested by Games and Economic Behavior)

Daniel Houser, Daniel Schunk, Joachim Winter and Erte Xiao “ Temptation, Commitment and Self-control in the Laboratory”.  (Revision requested by Games and Economic Behavior)

Lingfang(Ivy) Li and Erte Xiao "Money Talks? An Experimental Study of Rebate in Reputation System Design" (Revision requested by Management Science)

Fangfang Tan and Erte Xiao “Peer punishment with third party approval in a social dilemma game” (R&R Economics Letters)

Erte Xiao and Howard Kunreuther. "Punishment and Cooperation in Stochastic Prisoner’s Dilemma Game" (under review)

Erte Xiao “Justification and Cooperation”

Daniel Houser, David M. Levy, Kail Padgitt, Sandra J. Peart, Erte Xiao. “Doing and Saying: An Experimental Analysis of Transparent Leadership”

Daniel Houser and Erte Xiao “Trust and House Money”.