Alex Imas-Social and Decision Sciences - Carnegie Mellon University

Alex Imas

Assistant Professor

Office: PH 319E
Phone: (412) 268-1207


PhD: Economics, University of California, San Diego, 2014
MA: Economics, University of California, San Diego, 2010
BA: Economics (with Honors) Northwestern University, 2007


Alex's research interests include behavioral and experimental economics, particularly how social concerns and emotions influence decision making and preferences. His current research examines the effectiveness of prosocial incentive schemes across a variety of domains and how subtle changes in social norms can have a large effect on behavior. He is also working on exploring the relationship between self-imposed mental accounts and risk attitudes.


  1. "Conscience Accounting: Emotional Dynamics in Social Behavior." (with U. Gneezy and K. Madarasz). Management Science,accepted.
  2. "The Materazzi Effect and the Strategic Use of Anger." (with U. Gneezy). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,forthcoming. Media Coverage: Daily MailYahoo! NewsNational GeographicNBC, Live ScienceJezebelNaked Scientist
  3. "Working for the 'Warm Glow': On the Benefits and Limits of Prosocial Incentives." Journal of Public Economics, (2014), 114: 14-18.
  4. "Experimental Methods: Eliciting Risk Preferences." (with G. Charness and U. Gneezy).  Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, (2013), 87: 43-57.
  5. "Paying to be Nice: Costly Prosocial Behavior and Consistency." (with A. Gneezy, L. D. Nelson, M. I. Norton and A. Brown).  Management Science, (2012), 58: 179-187. *Special issue on Behavioral Economics.  Media Coverage: New York Times

Working Papers

  1. "The Realization Effect: Risk-Taking after Realized versus Paper Losses."
  2. "Do People Anticipate Loss Aversion?" (with S. Sadoff and A. Samak)
  3. "Taking Control: The Role of Helplessness in Negative Reciprocity." (with A. Gneezy and D. Ariely)

Other Research

  1. "Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-1 Regulates Integrin αvβ3 Expression and Autocrine TGFβ Signaling." (with B. S. Pedjora, L. E.Kang, P. Carmeliet and A. M. Bernstein). Journal of Biological Chemistry, June 2009, 284.
  2. "EEG-based Method for Biometric Identity Confirmation." (with M. Milgramm). U.S. Patent No. 7,594,122
  3. "EEG-based Method for Real Time Attitude Assessment." (with M. Milgramm). U.S. Patent No. 7,570,991.
  4. "EEG-based Method for Attention and Productivity Monitoring." (with M. Milgramm). U.S. Patent No. 7,574,254.