Carnegie Mellon University

The Minor in Philosophy

The Minor in Philosophy allows students to complement their primary majors with a broad philosophical grounding.


Philosophy minors must complete five Philosophy courses in the Areas listed below. All five required courses, if taken at CMU, must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of C or above. Courses from other universities may be substituted with permission of the Director. For Dietrich College students, up to 2 of these courses may be counted also as satisfying the College's General Education requirements, with permission of the Director. Students are to choose one course out of Area 1, two courses out of Area 2, and may freely select two courses in Area 3. As per the requirements of Dietrich College, a student's freshman seminar course may not count toward the fulfillment of the major requirements.

Area 1: Logic/Methodology Requirements (9 units)

One of the following:
80-x10 through 80-x19 Philosophy of Logic/Mathematics
80-x20 through 80-x29 Philosophy of Science

Area 2: History of Philosophy Requirements (18 units)

Two of the following:
80-x50 through 80-x69 History of Philosophy (excluding 80-151)
80-226 Scientific Revolutions

Area 3: Philosophy Electives (18 units)

Two courses in the Philosophy Department at the 200-level or higher.