Carnegie Mellon University

The Minor in Logic and Computation

The Minor in Logic and Computation provides students with general course work in logic, the theory of computation, and philosophy. Students must complete six courses, among them the following three core courses.

Logic and Computation Core Courses (27 units)

80-211 Arguments and Mathematical Inquiry
80-210 Introduction to Formal Logic

80-150 Nature of Reason

80-310 Logic and Computation
80-311 Computability and Incompleteness

Logic and Computation Electives (27 units)

Students must take two courses in the Philosophy Department at the 300-level or higher, in subjects related to logic and computation, and an additional course at the 300-level or higher in an area that uses logical and computational tools, such as philosophy, computer science, linguistics, mathematics, psychology, or statistics. The choice of electives must be approved by the program director.