Carnegie Mellon University

Sample curriculum

The Ph.D. requirements are designed to be flexible, allowing students the freedom to develop programs emphasizing their particular research interests. Core requirements are ordinarily filled within the first two years.

A typical course schedule might look as follows:

Fall First Year

  • Logic elective
  • Philosophy Core Seminar
  • Formal Methods I

Spring First Year

  • Mathematics elective
  • Philosophy Core Seminar II
  • Formal Methods II (half-semester)
  • Topics in Logic II (half-semester)

Fall Second Year

  • Logic elective
  • Breadth elective
  • Algebra elective

Spring Second Year

  • Topology elective
  • Breadth elective
  • Supervised MS thesis research

Fall Third year

  • Analysis elective
  • Logic elective
  • Mathematics elective

Spring Third Year

  • Unconstrained elective
  • Unconstrained elective
  • Supervised dissertation research

It is not unusual for students to take or audit a fourth course in some semesters.