Modern Languages Student Advisory Council-Modern Languages - Carnegie Mellon University

Modern Languages Student Advisory Council

MLSAC is a group that seeks to spread knowledge about languages and cultures, both represented by the Department of Modern Languages, as well as by students.

What does MLSAC do?

MLSAC participates in many multicultural activites. Each semester, we have a language seminar and the Polyglot, a Department of Modern Languages journal, which is comprised of student submitted work. We also are involved in other activities, including a multicultural cookbook, potlucks, and community service.

Who is in MLSAC?

Modern Languages majors and minors, as well as faculty representatives, Gang Liu and Yoshihiro Yasuhara, make up MLSAC. Students taking Modern Languages classes are also welcome to be involved in MLSAC.

MLSAC is a great way to learn about different cultures and languages. It is also a good way to teach others about languages and cultures in which you are interested. You will also meet a great group of people! For more information or to join, contact the faculty advisors, Gang Liu and Yoshihiro Yasuhara, or president Amira Millette.