Mark Roth-Department of English - Carnegie Mellon University

Mark Roth

Senior Staff Writer, Former Science Editor and Assistant Managing Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


Mark Roth is a senior staff writer at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, specializing in medical and science issues. He has taught science writing at Carnegie Mellon since 2007, and was the newspaper's first science editor in the 1980s. For 20 years, he was an editor at the Post-Gazette, often overseeing in-depth and investigative projects. Since returning to full-time writing, he has written a monthly series called "The Thinkers," profiling people doing cutting-edge research, and in 2010, he wrote a special series that explored all aspects of research on the human face. He has won several national, state and local awards for his writing and editing, including the 2009 Joanie Award from Uniting Against Lung Cancer for a series of articles on that disease.