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New History Courses for Fall 2012 (will count as an EHPP elective):

79-336       American Environmental History-Kevin Brown
9 units      TR 12:00-1:20
This course examines the varied and often contradictory ways Americans  have
imagined, utilized, and politicized "nature" and the "environment," focusing
especially on developments since 1800. While we will examine environmental
movements - from early twentieth century conservationists to more recent
EarthFirst! mobilizations - we will also look for the role of the
environment in making history in less obvious places: Chicago meat markets,
Colorado coal mines, and Oregon hydroelectric dams. Students will read a mix
of primary and secondary sources from historians, activists, and
politicians, while completing several synthetic essays during the semester.

79-359 Sustainable Innovations: Ideas, Policies and Technologies to Make a
Better Planet-Zach Falck

Life on the big ball is not at all what it used to be, nor at all what it
will be. The instability and deterioration of past societies that
resulted from miscomprehending and misusing natural and human resources
will be briefly surveyed. Throughout most of the semester, we will
discuss the origins, implementation, effects, and prospects of
intellectual, regulatory, and technological inventions for greening the
blue marble. We will read widely in fields useful for navigating
Spaceship Earth ­ agricultural science, earth and planetary sciences,
ecology, economics, engineering, environmental law, and regional
planning, among others.

New Course!

History of Money and Monetary Policy (description below) will be taught during the Spring 2012 by Prof. McCallum (will count as an EHPP elective):

73-375   History of Money and Monetary Policy
Spring:  9 units
This course will consider the evolution of monetary institutions and policies from 550 BC to the present, providing an understanding of the role of monetary policy through a critical evaluation of the mistakes and successes of the past. Specific topics will include: Greek, Roman, and Medieval coinage; metallic systems including strengths and weaknesses of the gold standard and bimetallism; American colonial experiences; French episodes including the ‘system' of John Law and the Assignats of the French Revolution; critical British episodes including the Great Debasement and the Restriction of 1797-1821; and the following topics in United States history: the Constitution, early problems, Greenbacks of the Civil War, legal tender cases, the "Crime of 1873," founding of the Federal Reserve, Great Depression, Bretton Woods, the Great Inflation, the Volcker disinflation, and the financial crisis of 2008-10. The course will include a bit of general history and history of economic thought, with just enough economic theory to provide analytical coherence. (Lecture, 3 hours). Pre-req: "C" or better in 73-100


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Spotlight Course: 76-492 Rhetoric of Public Policy (offered in the spring):

Course Description

The field of public policy focuses on the study of how to avoid or resolve social problems and achieve social goals through political processes. In traditional approaches to public policy, each step of the policy process from defining a problem to making a case for its solution is assessed in reference to rational models of economic and political actors. This course takes a less conventional rhetorical approach to public policy which focuses attention on the values, beliefs, and argument structures associated with issues as a method of assessing them and as a means for moving forward with effective strategy for their resolution. Towards this end, we will be studying the theories and analytic methods of both classical and modern rhetorical scholarship as well as modern public policy theory. This course can count as an elective for the EHPP major.

Project Course Archive

December 2005:

Technology-Based Economic Development (TBED) in Pittsburgh, 1978-2005


This project is the product of the Fall 2005 Senior History and Policy Project Course. The initial goal of the project was to look into the effects of biotechnology on the Pittsburgh economy, and was later expanded to look at the effects of technology-based economic development, or TBED, on the social, economic, and political fabric of the city. We sought to understand the efforts being taken to revive the city's economy in the wake of the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980s.

Environmental Content Courses, Fall 2010

48315     Environment I: Climate & Energy
48338     European Cities in the XIX Century: Planning, Architecture, Preservation
48410     Environment II: Lighting
48412     Environment III: Mechanical Systems
48413     Building Acoustics
48431     Bio Logic Responsive Building Technology
48729     Productivity, Health and the Quality of Buildings
48738     Special Topics: Ecological Footprints
48749     Special Topics in CD: Parametric Modeling with BIM
48752     Zero Energy Housing

12100     Introduction to Civil and Environmental Engineering
12301     Civil Environmental Engineering Projects
12401     Civil & Environmental Engineering Design
12648     Civil Engineering Project
12651     Air Quality Engineering
12702     Fundamentals of Water Quality Engineering
12712     Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
12713     Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering Design
12725     Fate, Transport & Physicochemical Processes of Organic Contaminants in Aqua Systems

99238     Materials, Energy and Environment

03725    Evolution

09705     Chemosensors and Biosensors

19424     Energy and the Environment
19622     Introduction to Sustainable Engineering
19623     Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering Design
19688     Special Topics: Innovation for Energy and the Environment
19751     Air Quality Engineering                  

79289     Energy, Environment, Globalization in the Americas
79372     Cities, Technology and the Environment
79375     China's Environmental Crisis

39 610 Energy Conversion and Supply
Energy Demand and Utilization

24424     Energy and the Environment
24425    Combustion and Air Pollution Control

90765 Cities, Technology and Environment
90798    Environmental Policy & Planning
90803    Environmental Economics
90804     Energy Policy

Global Content Courses, Fall 2010

48240     Historical Survey of World Architecture and Urbanism
48338    European Cities in the XIX Century

60390     Special Topics: Image/Word/Place
70100     Global Business                  
70101     Introduction to Business Management
70365    International Trade and International Law
70398    International Finance
70471     Logistics and Supply Chain Management
70480     International Marketing

62100     Critical Histories of the Art    
62375    Photography: The first 100 years

99151    Privilege, Responsibility, and Community                                    

51271     Design History I

73310    Evolution of Economic Ideas
73352     Public Economics
73425    International Economic Development
73469     Global Electronic Markets: Economics and the Internet

76296    A Century of Russian Films
76309     Image/Word/Place: The Dynamic Interface of Arts and Humanities-Now and Then
76337     Global Literature: Fictions of Globalization
76400    Literary Culture of Russia
76413    19th Century British Literary & Cultural Stdies                 
76425     Science in the Public Sphere
76446     Renaissance Studies
76453     Postcolonialism Theory
76737     Global Literature: Fictions of Globalization
76825     Science in the Public Sphere
76846     Renaissance Studies
76853     Postcolonialism Theory

19611     Special Topics: Global Competitiveness: Firms, Nations and Technological Change      

79205    20th Century Europe
79207    Development of European Culture
79222    Development of Modern Latin America
79227    Introduction to African History
79229    Origins of the Arab-Israeli conflict
7923    Caribbean Cultures
79249     20th Century U.S.    
79255    Irish History
79256    20th Century Germany  
79262    Modern China
79265    Russian History
79271    A Century of Russian Film          
79275     Introduction to Global Studies                  
79280     Experiencing Globalization                  
79282     Europe and the World                  
79287     Colonization and De-colonization in Pacific
79289     Energy, Environment, Globalization in the Americas
79299     Circulation of Children in a Global Context
79318     The Global Civil Rights Movement
79373     Perspectives on Industrial Research and Development
79386     Entrepreneurs in Africa, Past, Present and Future       

All courses!
67328     Distributed Application Development

57173     Survey of Western Music History

80348     Health Development and Human Rights

33115     Physics for Future Presidents

88345     Perspectives on Industrial Research and Development
88359     Globalization
88362     Diplomacy and Statecraft
88384     Conflict and Conflict Resolution in International Relations
88412     Economics of Global Warming
88749     Perspectives on Industrial Research and Development
88759     Globalization

17609     Global Software Development

90758    Ethics and Public Policy in a Global Society
90752    The Rise of East Asian Economies
90756    Technology & Economic Growth
90763    Human Rights Conflict & Development
90776    The Global Financial system
90839    Global Health Policy