HSP & QSSSP-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

The Humanities Scholars Program (HSP) and the Quantitative Social Science Scholars Program (QSSS) are both by invitation to Dietrich College students. If you have interest in joining either of these programs but were not extended an offer at the time of your acceptance to Dietrich College please contact the program advisor for further information.

Both of these programs are additives to work in conjunction with your major. They both also offer a shared living experience that enables the members of the program to create a collaborate work and social atmosphere.

Humanities Scholars Program (HSP)

HSP is a seminar and research based program that is designed to best compliment the humanities majors in Dietrich College: English, History, Philosophy, and Modern Languages; but is flexible to all Dietrich College majors. In addition to the shared living community you will take a seminar with your cohort for the first four semesters. Your last four semesters you will be preparing for and participating in a research proposal/capstone project. Dr. Timothy Haggerty is the Director of the HSP program and would be more than willing to field any questions you have.

Quantitative Social Sciences Scholars Program (QSSS)

QSSS program is designed for students who have an interest in human, economics, and social behavior. This program focuses on the quantitative methodological training in conjunction with the traditional coursework for a major in the social sciences. This combination is designed to make students attractive to private sector businesses and for masters and PhD work. The curriculum is integrated into your GenEd requirements and major options so it will be completed by the end of your junior year to allow for a senior thesis. Please contact Mark Patterson, Director of the QSSS program, with any additional questions.