Absence from Class-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University


In case of illness, University Health Services  offers a comprehensive array of services, and programs to assist students. They range from providing guidance on dealing with emergencies, to making routine appointments, to strategies to promote wellness. Students are encouraged to seek medical attention at the onset of illness in order to minimize the length and seriousness of a condition, and to avoid having to miss classes.

Absences from Class

If an illness is serious enough  to miss class, students should notify their instructors as soon as possible, and  negotiate  with them to complete assignments, and make up exams. The follow-up negotiations are likely to be most productive after there has been a medical diagnosis, and the student has an  idea of how severe the illness is and how  long the recovery will take. Students may be asked to provide documentation of illness from  the  caregiver, and should be prepared to provide it.

In addition to their instructors, students should notify their academic advisor, their  RA and  housefellow, as soon as possible. In order to protect a student's right to privacy,  it will  be necessary to provide written permission, in the form of an email,  for advisors, student affairs staff, and designated others to share information with each other in order to develop an effective personal and academic recovery plan for the student.  Working as a team, they will provide support and guidance during and after the illness as needed.