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SIO Schedule Planning & Registration

Use SIO as a way to plan your potential schedule! Click on the following link and you will see SIO as an option on the left hand side of the page.  Registration happens using the "Registration" option in SIO.  This is where you can also change your schedule.


Check out the Schedule of Classes page for up to date course information and upcoming schedule release dates.


What should I do if I am waitlisted for one of my courses? You should find and register for a backup course that is open. You can remain waitlisted for your first choice because there may be a chance you will get into the course. If this is the case then someone from the department to which the course is out of will email you. If this happens then you can always drop your backup course.

What if I do not get into a course required for my major? Are you actually declared? Courses are reserved for students who are declared within the major so you will likely get moved off the waitlist and into the course if you are declared. If you are a freshmen and are not yet eligible to declare then there is no guarentee you will get into this course. But don't panic because this does not mean you are behind in the major. It just means that other students who are further along have more of a priority to get into the course but your time will eventually come. In the mean time, find another course.