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Internships for Credit

An internship-for-credit is a supervised, professional work experience with clear links to a student's academic program performed primarily or totally outside a regular course, and for which a student earns academic credit. Students doing an internship for academic credit must be registered through the sponsoring department for the internship during the term (including the summer) when they are doing the work. There is no additional tuition charge for internships that are taken during the academic year as part of a normal course load. Students registered for internships during the summer will be billed for tuition at the per unit rate set by the University.

When a student initiates a request to receive academic credit, the internship:

  • Requires the involvement of a Carnegie Mellon  faculty sponsor and an on-site supervisor in the internship content design and evaluation;
  • May include regular or periodic meetings between the student, the faculty sponsor, and/or the internship site supervisor to monitor progress;
  • Requires an end-product for submission to the faculty sponsor. This  usually takes the form of a paper, but may also include a presentation, or some other approved form;
  • Can be taken for a regular letter grade by registering for the internship “course” through the sponsoring department. With department approval, the grade may be counted toward program requirements.
  • Can vary from 3-18 units in any one semester, and is limited only by the College rule of a maximum of 27 units of internship credit that can be applied to graduation requirements.

Policies and practices regarding internships-for-credit vary among departments. Departments are not obligated to allow such credit for its majors, and are free to determine whether an internship may be used to fulfill requirements or electives. An internship-for-credit is a graded experience. Each department will determine appropriate criteria for the grade if an internship is approved for credit.

Credits are earned according to the following scale: 9 units = the equivalent of 1 day (9-12 hours) per week during a semester (100 hours), 18 units = the equivalent of 2 days (12-20 hours) per week during a semester (200 hours). An H&SS student may not earn more than 18 units of internship credit during a semester or count more than 27 units of internship credit toward fulfilling graduation requirements.

When the internship sponsor requires that a student receive academic credit from the home institution, the student should contact the Office of the Vice Provost for Education (VPE) for pass/no pass unit course option requirements.