General Education Program (GenEd)-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

1st Year

Your first year in H&SS you will need to complete the "Freshmen 5" courses. They consist of:

76-101: Interpretation and Argument
79-104: Global Histories
36-201: Statistical Reasoning and Practice
Freshmen Seminar
and C@CM: Computing at Carnegie Mellon

You will take two plus C@CM in your fall semester and the other two in your spring semester. These courses are the foundation for all of the H&SS majors and upper-level course work.


There are five categories in the General Education (GenEd) program. Communicating, Reflecting, Modeling, Deciding, and Creating. You will need to fulfill requirements in each of these five categories prior to graduation. The Freshmen 5 courses fill into categories in the GenEd program; assisting you with developing your foundation.

What do I have left?

The academic audit, from the HUB website, is your roadmap to graduation. You can print an audit for any major you are interested in to see what requirements you have left to fill. The GenEd program requirements will be the first 13 requirements listed on the right hand side of your audit.

Once you identify the categories you have left to fill from your audit you should visit the GenEd website to see the list of approved courses for each category. The website is updated every semester and the courses with the blue hyper links are the ones that are being offered in the upcoming semester. This will help you identify the courses that you are interested in and which category they fill.

Keep in mind you have all four years to complete the GenEd program.