Academic Audit-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

Progress Toward Graduation

The academic audit is your road map to graduation! It shows you exactly what you have completed and what you have left to complete to graduate from Carnegie Mellon University. You can print your audit an audit for the major that you are declared as or for majors that you are interested in; giving you the opportunity to see how the courses you have completed would assist you in completing a different degree from the HUB website.

The audit will show which categories of the General Education Program you have filled, by listing the course number, semester taken, grade, and units next to the category. If it says "9 unfilled units" then you need to select a course from the General Education website that is approved for that category sometime prior to graduation.  It will also show you the major requirements you have completed and have yet to complete.

The academic audit has a summary of the number of units you have completed, that you have in progress, and that you have upcoming. Since you are required to complete a minimum of 360 units to graduate, so you can add those numbers up and see where you stand. Freshmen 0-90 units; Sophomores 90-180 units; Juniors 180-270 units; Seniors 270-360 units.

Who does what

If there are discrepancies on your audit, talk to your advisor. If the discrepancy is in one of the General Education categories, talk to your Academic Advisory Center advisor. If the discrepancy is in one of the major requirements, talk to your departmental academic advisor.