Enrollment-Cyert Center for Early Education - Carnegie Mellon University



Thank you for your interest in the Cyert Center for Early Education. 

As a department of Carnegie Mellon University, The Cyert Center for Early Education offers spaces first to the children of Carnegie Mellon employees. The Cyert Center is a year round program. Families sign a 12-month contract for each enrollment year beginning in mid-August. Openings at other times of the year do occasionally occur.
The enrollment process begins shortly after current families have returned their commitments for the upcoming program year.   That information is then used to determine the number of openings in each age group. It is recommended that parents place children on the wait list as soon as possible, even in anticipation of a need. Parents of children who have been conceived and not yet born are welcome and encouraged to apply as the wait could easily exceed 12 months. Families who have begun the adoption process are also welcome and encouraged to apply.
In early April, we begin to offer spaces to families on the wait list. There is no need to reapply each year as children remain on the wait list until they are offered a space.

Enrollment Priority List

  1. Siblings of currently enrolled children.
  2. Children of Carnegie Mellon full-time, benefit eligible faculty and staff.
  3. Children of Carnegie Mellon part-time faculty and staff and students.
  4. Children of families not affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University.

Enrollment Time Line 

January -- Tuition rates are established for the new program year.

February -- Currently enrolled families make a commitment for the upcoming program year. The number of open spaces in each age group is determined at this time.

April --  We begin to offer spaces to families on the wait list.

May -- After the enrollment process is completed, families still on the wait list are notified if we are unable to offer them a space for the next program year. 

August -- New enrollment year begins.


Application for Enrollment (for full-time, benefits-eligible CMU faculty/staff)

Application for Enrollment (for families not associated with CMU)