Evaluation - CTTEC - Carnegie Mellon University

The evaluation phase

entails working with a CTTEC officer to understand the market readiness and uniqueness behind the technology once you have submitted the invention disclosure form.

First, we consult the Carnegie Mellon IP Policy and clear the rights and title to the invention.  If there is an organization with possible claims to the technology, we also check whether they might have any rights to the invention.

Next, we from an evaluation team based on your suggestions and through our external community to best assess the technical and commercial merits of your invention.

  • If it is clear that your invention is owned by the university, your CTTEC representative will contact you to request an initial meeting to determine a promising route to commercialization.

  • If the invention is not owned by the university, we will either send you a letter of no claim and you are free to pursue commercialization independently, or you can assign your invention to Carnegie Mellon via CTTEC.