Invention Disclosure -CTTEC - Carnegie Mellon University

The disclosure phase

begins when the inventor(s) submit the initial invention disclosure. To start the invention disclosure process, you can download the Invention Disclosure form [pdf] or Open Source/App/Software Invention Disclosure form [pdf], complete it, and return it to CTTEC via e-mail. 

A CTTEC officer will connect and work with you through the licensing process.

The earlier this process begins, the better, to avoid losing patentable ideas. Ideally, submitting a disclosure prior to publication is recommended.

If an invention is licensed to a company, Carnegie Mellon shares 50 percent of the net proceeds from the licensed technology with the inventor(s) per CMU's IP Policy. The remaining funds are used to support core university programs. 

In addition to financial return from commercial successful inventions, the research community receives:

  • Access to our community

  • Business Development Expertise

  • Market Assessment

  • Legal Advice