Company Creation-CTTEC - Carnegie Mellon University

Company formation at Carnegie Mellon and CTTEC's role...

Since its inception, CTTEC has been instrumental in the formation of new companies and commercializing Carnegie Mellon Technologies.  In the past 5 years, CTTEC has assisted with the creation of more than 50 new companies.  These companies have ranged from next generation mobile robotics to advanced materials to medical devices.   We keep close ties with our companies and continue to add value through placement of individuals, licensing of key technologies and connections into industry, venture capital and economic development.

Using a standard (or "express") deal approach to spin-off licensing, CTTEC offers a fair deal, a transparent process, and years of data and experience through multiple rounds of follow-on funding and company acquisitions. For additional details regarding CMU Spin-Off Guidelines, please see our Document Library.

CTTEC also works closely with other campus organizations involved with start-ups. Please refer to our Resources for links to these organizations.

Our newest initiative focuses on the building and deployment of expert communities designed to accelerate the evaluation and commercialization process.  Through an intimate understanding of the the variety of research and technologies at Carnegie Mellon coupled with the diversity of needs emerging technology based companies require, we feel that a collaborative approach to enterprise creation will provide tremendous benefit to us and our community.  We are looking for individuals with deep industry and technical knowledge in our target markets.  We are also looking for individuals with general management expertise in helping emerging technologies grow.  In return, we will provide personalized information regarding developing technologies at Carnegie Mellon and opportunities for you to connect with researchers and companies that match your interests.

We invite you to take a look at some of the companies and technologies that we have helped spin out. If you are interested in what you see and want to get involved, please follow CTTEC. We look forward to working with you.