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Safaba Translation Solutions develops customized high-performance automated language translation solutions for commercial enterprises and language services providers. As companies increasingly expand into non-English markets, demand for translated content is exploding. Safaba’s proprietary technology for customizing machine translation technology for individual clients and cloud-based delivery model support highly scalable, secure and low-cost translation solutions which are highly attractive to a broad range of commercial clients.

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Seegrid Corporation was founded in Pittsburgh, PA in February 2003 as a spinout of Carnegie Mellon University’s Mobile Robot Lab. Dr. Hans Moravec and Dr. Scott Friedman co-founded Seegrid to develop a new class of affordable industrial mobile robots that operate reliably in dynamic environments. Seegrid’s core Industrial Mobile Robotics (IMR) technology has more than 30 years of innovation and research behind it and overcomes the traditional hurdles of robotic adoption.
sen SenSevere is commercializing a novel chemical sensor technology that is capable of withstanding severe conditions. The overarching goal is to deploy sensors within process streams that contain elevated temperature/pressure and extremely corrosive elements. Direct measurement of process conditions within industrial applications that contain such conditions will lead to improved feedback systems, and ultimately, enhanced safety and efficiency.
Sensible Machines Sensible machines is commercializing position, navigation and vehicle control systems for antonymous land vehicles in landscaping, agriculture and recreation markets.  These advanced technologies, developed at Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center, allow for percision positioning and operation in the centimeter scale over areas measured in hundereds of meters or in kilometers.
sharpedge Sharp Edge is bringing a new class of targeted biosensors to the cellular biology research community. Fluorogenic Activating Protein (or FAPs) provide a more accurate and detailed detection method for cellular changes that is amendable to high-throughput screening and more detailed follow-up. While we work on extending our web-content, we've provided a collection of the primary literature references for the technologies here.
spectra SpectraGenetics is an innovative gene tagging company providing proprietary and breakthrough technologies for drug discovery and development.  These technologies allow researchers to accurately determine when a gene is expressed and to visualize in real time the expression, cellular localization or activation of proteins in living cells.  This information has the potential to transform the drug discovery and development process by providing significant productivity improvements in identifying suitable targets and leads for therapeutic development.

SpiralGen, Inc. provides high performance software solutions for critical computing functions that enable application developers to take optimal advantage of current multicore platforms and to port applications faster to new, more capable platforms. SpiralGen was founded in 2009 and grew out of over a decade of ground-breaking research documented in more than 100 publications developing the Spiral technology in the project with the same name led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

surelogic SureLogic empowers Java developers with powerful tools based on software analysis technology that can help them build high quality, high performance applications with confidence. The SureLogic suite is designed to enhance developer productivity, to afford unique levels of specialized software assurance, and to enable a range of performance improvements.

Telltale Information offers a complete set of services to support review and analysis of public comments. Customers can select one of our standard service packages, or select services a la carte to create individualized packages.

testworks TestWorks commercializes the fault modeling and diagnosis technology developed at Carnegie Mellon. TestWorks provides a comprehensive suite of tools that extract from test measurement data the types of defects that occur, their frequency of occurrence, and the IC design features that lead to their manifestation. This allows chip makers and system integrators to efficiently maintain and improve both the yield and quality of current and future ICs.
tiramisu Tiramisu was developed by researchers to improve users' transit experiences and transit accessibility. Your data will help us improve Tiramisu and show the positive impact of technology on public transit.
da Transactional DA, Inc. is a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off that commercializes the technology to automate the development of verified and customized semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) cores. Transactional DA’s novel solutions enable rapid creation and exploration of pipelined digital circuit designs, such as processors, accelerators and stand-alone datapath modules. The technology significantly reduces development time and effort while improving the quality of the IP cores.


Acquired by IBM

Vivisimo first developed new ways to categorize search results as a research project at Carnegie Mellon University's computer science department. After years of product development and further innovations, Vivisimo today offers Velocity—a complete enterprise search platform that unifies access to secure business repositories, presents search results with an unmatched user experience, and enables knowledge sharing across an organization. Velocity is making single-search-box access to wide selections of corporate information a reality.

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voci Introducing the first hardware-accelerated speech recognizer for enterprise analytics applications. Voci™ Technologies Incorporated develops servers that convert large volumes of speech into text, operating at speeds orders of magnitude faster than any alternative. Conversations from one hundred phone lines or more can be simultaneously transcribed on a single Voci™ appliance.


Acquired by Autodesk

Wild Pockets is the next generation solution for creating and monetizing interactive 3D content embedded within your web-browser. Whether you are an independent developer working on games or a large company looking for the fastest, most powerful development environment to create stunning immersive 3D web content – Wild Pockets is your solution. The Wild Pockets platform is disrupting the notion that you have to license and pay big dollars for development software before your project has even begun. Instead, Wild Pockets provides FREE and equal access to all developers, professionals, hobbyists and students alike, because you never know where the most innovative new ideas will emerge.
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Wombat Security Technologies delivers compelling cyber security awareness training and powerful filtering solutions based on sound learning science principles. Wombat’s solutions are designed to be engaging and interactive and have been scientifically shown to be significantly more effective than traditional training solutions.

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Backed by Innovation Works & Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

Acquired by Extreme DA
Xigmix has developed a computer-aided design tool to speed-up and improve the performance and manufacturability of critical analog, mixed-signal and radio-frequency (RF) IC designs.  Xigmix's proprietary technology allows customers to improve performance of analog-based integrated circuits while simultaneously ensuring a manufacturable design. This capability has been achieved through the use of advanced, application-specific numerical modeling and optimization methods.
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Zipano Technologies is a Carnegie Mellon spinoff  that has developed a privacy layer which enables users of information sharing services to better control and manage with whom they share their personal information. This privacy management platform has resulted in higher levels of user comfort and willingness to selectively share information as demonstrated by Locaccino, a location sharing Facebook application developed by Zipano. The platform has the potential to drive adoption in multiple markets including social networking, enterprise solutions and location-based mobile applications.
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