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accel Accel Diagnostics is a medical technology company developing pScreen™, a disposable protein test for the diagnosis, monitoring and management of a wide variety of medical conditions, including heart failure, cancer, osteoperosis, critical pregnancy,  and infectious diseases.
Akustica Logo
Acquired by Bosch
Akustica is the leading supplier of analog and digital output microphones that are improving voice-input quality in a host of voice-enabled applications from mobile phones to Internet telephony on notebooks and PC camera modules.

Aquion Energy is producing a safe, reliable, affordable means to manage and store energy. The cornerstone of the technology is a novel Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) battery optimized for stationary storage applications with a targeted commercial release of 2013 in applications such as micro-grid support, off-grid generator optimization, and grid-level energy services.

Backed by Foundation Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Advanced Technology Ventures, and TriplePoint Capital

Astrobotic Logo

Astrobotic Technology Inc. will help pioneer the lunar frontier by providing commercial robotic services through missions of increasing scope and capability. Astrobotic’s initial robots are small machines that will be the early surveyors of the lunar frontier, finding the best locations for human outposts and scouting for resources to support the explorers. The company has a contract from NASA, for example, to study how robots can excavate and move lunar soil in preparation for the space agency’s permanent outpost in 2020.

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ATRP logo

As the world leader in ATRP (atom transfer radical polymerization), ATRP Solutions mission is to enable businesses to capitalize on this rapidly emerging technology. ATRP Solutions manufactures custom materials and shares knowledge to help in making tomorrow’s commercial products. ATRP recognizes the importance of well-defined polymeric materials for improving the performance of commercial products in the areas of personal care and cosmetics, detergents and surfactants, paints, pigments, coatings and biocompatible materials.

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BirdBrain Technologies, LLC develops The Finch, a new robot used in computer science education. The design philosophy behind the Finch can be boiled down to two principles:
1. Low cost
2. Highly interactive The Finch has no batteries and very little on-board processing - instead, a USB tether provides power and communications, so that most processing can be done on the computer side. While keeping costs down was important, the Finch is enjoyable and interesting to students and teachers.

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blade diagnostics logo BDC develops experimental and analytical technologies for assessing the vibratory response of Integrally Bladed Rotors. BDC technology is also used to extract information from spin-pit and engine testing of conventional bladed disks during component development or to establish the root cause of High Cycle Fatigue failures.


Acquired by Healthpoint Capital

Blue Belt Technologies, Inc., a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off, was formed in 2003 to commercialize novel device solutions for medical interventions. Blue Belt draws from the extensive experience of its research team to develop devices in computer-assisted surgery and diagnosis. Our mission is to develop new components for minimally-invasive surgery through collaboration with leading research institutions, technology licensing, and our own research and development.

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bossa nova logo

Located in Pittsburgh, Bossa Nova marshals the technical know-how of this hotbed of robotics to adapt laboratory-grade technologies to innovative and entertaining consumer products. Our heritage of developing advanced robotic technologies and a thorough understanding of consumer needs guides our development of compelling personal robots at affordable prices.

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butterfly haptics logo Butterfly Haptics is a limited liability company with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. Our business is supplying high-performance haptic interface systems for use in research, development, and the creation of advanced applications. Butterfly Haptics partners with a worldwide network of quality manufacturing services and suppliers.
carmell logo

Carmell Therapeutics manufactures novel biomaterials from blood plasma containing a concentration of natural growth and regenerative factors to accelerate the repair of injured tissues. Representing an exciting new paradigm in tissue repair, these natural wound healing catalysts retain the bioactivity of platelet and plasma-derived growth factors and have been shown to encourage the healing of both soft (tendon) and hard (bone) tissues. Carmell is focused on developing products to treat injuries to connective tissues (bone, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage), offering accelerated healing and better clinical outcomes.

Backed by Harbor Light Capital Partners, Newlin Investment Company, PLSG, Innovation Works, and more

carnegie group
Acquired by Logica PLC
Carnegie Group, Inc was based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and demonstrated success in penetrating the US marketplace for customer relationship management and advanced decision support solutions. The company helped clients in the financial services, government, manufacturing, and telecommunications industries improve business processes, customer relations, productivity and market position. It had 300 staff across offices in Pittsburgh, Denver, Washington DC, Edison/New Jersey, Atlanta, Oakland and St Louis.


Acquired by Apollo Group

Carnegie Learning, Inc. is a leading publisher of research-based math curricula solutions from middle school to post-secondary students. Our curricula (Bridge to Algebra, Geometry, and Integrated Math programs) provide differentiated instruction to 500,000 students in nearly 2600 schools across the US, helping them to succeed in math as a gateway to graduation and preparation for 21st century skills.

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carnegie speech logo

Carnegie Speech believes that to truly learn a new language, students must be able to be understood – and understand – when speaking or listening to a new language. Carnegie Speech's software teaches speaking and listening skills so that students in business, aviation, government, health care and education can speak with and understand one another – especially when it really matters.

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Backed by Golden Seeds Investment Firm, Osage Venture Partners, and New York Angels 

celsense Celsense is a privately held biotechnology company offering novel MRI contrast agents that allow scientists and clinicians to monitor the position and quantity of transplanted cells non-invasively in vivo. The company’s cell imaging products have application in the fields of regenerative medicine, immunotherapy, and the study of inflammation and immune system response. Celsense is currently collaborating with leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations to advance the development of cellular therapeutic applications and the study of inflammation.
ciespace logo Ciespace develops and sells software products for mesh creation. Meshing is a required step in the design and test of many manufactured products, including consumer electronics, medical devices, automobiles and airplanes. Ciespace's comprehensive BubbleMesh™ product suite automatically generates high-quality meshes for complex product designs, enabling customers to solve the most difficult non-linear, multi-physics problems in an automated fashion.
Conviva logo Conviva’s real-time media control platform frees digital content owners to simplify the management and delivery of media online. Conviva enables content owners to manage diverse distribution resources, gain live insights and scale with optimal economics to deliver the best quality online viewing experience.
Deeplocal logo

DeepLocal is a software design, development and strategy firm that solves problems associated with the collection, management, analysis and publication of information.   Using its Maphub mapping program and Gumband SMS place/event platform, DeepLocal helps clients to flexibly move information internally and externally in a managed and protected manner across multiple media outlets.

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design advance
Acquired by EMA Design Automation
DesignAdvance Systems Inc.  develops electronic design automation (EDA) and computer aided design (CAD) software tools that dramatically reduce the amount of time to develop electrical and mechanical products. The DesignAdvance solution integrates seamlessly into existing environments increasing user productivity, which significantly reduces time-to-profitability. The company's award winning product, CircuitSpace, brings user-assisted automation to the PCB layout process. Corporate headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Duolingo, which uses a combination of computer exercises and real-world texts from the Internet to teach new languages, merges correctly translated sentences into entire documents of translated works. The company has been in beta stage since November and will eventually go on to translate commercial documents in addition to what's on the Internet.

Backed by Union Square Ventures

enzium Enzium provides boutique, custom development of assays and diagnostics. Enzium specializes in developing assays for protease activity, with high specificity. Enzium developed assays are used in labs around the world to determine the activity of proteases in biological samples.
gigapan logo GigaPan Systems, established in 2008, is a commercial spin-off of a successful collaboration between researchers at NASA and Carnegie Mellon University that developed the breakthrough GigaPan System for creating high-resolution panoramic images. GigaPan Systems was founded to bring this powerful, high-resolution imaging capability to a broad audience.  The GigaPan System allows experienced and novice photographers to create high-resolution panorama images more easily than ever before and the resulting GigaPan images offer viewers a new, unique perspective on the world.
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green ox logo

Green Ox Catalysts seeks to investigate the technical feasibility of commercializing TAML (short for tetramido macrocyclic ligand)activators to provide environmentally friendly oxidation catalysts for numerous fields of use. Their patented technology may well be something close to a silver bullet for degrading oxidizable pollutants in water.

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icarnegie logo

A subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University, iCarnegie Global Learning is a world leader in providing educational strategy to governments, businesses, universities and K-12 institutions. iCarnegie’s mission is to use high quality locally-delivered programs to help enhance market competitiveness and develop local workforce building their skills and abilities to help countries and organizations become more competitive. iCarnegie delivers top quality, highly scalable training and academic programs internationally with a focus on job outcomes and a practical ‘learning by doing’, story-centered approach. For more information, visit

ils logo Industrial Learning Systems (iLS), a Carnegie Mellon University spin-out company, leverages innovative, patented technology to develop products that enable manufacturers to: Increase productivity and yield and improve quality; Reduce material and energy costs, maximize efficiency of engineering human resources and eliminate or reduce down time.

Invivomon Inc. is a Carnegie Mellon University spin-off that provides technological solutions to today's medical problems through embedded systems development. Our goal is to use the latest engineering technology to create robust, clinically useful tools that improve the quality of medical diagnostics available to physicians and treatment available to patients.

itsqc logo ITSqc LLC. is a multidisciplinary group of researchers, practitioners, and organizations that addresses the needs of IT-enabled service providers and their clients. ITSqc develops quality models and qualification methods for organizations involved in eSourcing.

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