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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

America Invents Act: What Does It Mean for You?

The America Invents Act (AIA) was passed and signed into law in September 2011, and the central provisions went into effect on March 16, 2013, creating the largest patent reform in United States history.  One notable change is the switch, in the United States, from a first-to-invent (FTI) system, in which rights to a patent are granted to the inventor able to prove that he or she is the first inventor, to a first-inventor-to-file (FITF) system in which patent rights are granted to the first inventor to file.  Although this change will synchronize the United States patent system with the rest of the world, it, and others introduced in the AIA, will have implications for disclosure and patent strategy going forward.


If you missed the information sessions in July, not to worry. Please visit the link below for a live recording with Mark Knedeisen from K&L Gates. 

AIA Seminar