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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking in the Crowd

So there you are, taking in the ballgame and surrounding ambience after scoring some once-in-a-lifetime tickets to see the Texas Rangers in the World Series.

Maybe you’re skipping work or maybe you’re skipping out on your wife’s dinner plans with her parents — you really don’t like her parents anyway — after saying you had to work.

And you pulled it off. No one suspected a thing … until …

Major League Baseball, through the modern miracle of the GigaPan, recently posted panoramic crowd shots from all rounds of the playoffs. The high-resolution images show nearly the entire crowd at each game. The big picture is made from piecing together a whole bunch o’ smaller crowd shots, and any-ol’-body can log on, find themselves or [ahem] others in the sea of humanity, and tag them on Facebook.

There goes the alibi.

Seriously, though, it’s an awesome power when used for the forces of good. The boss-man here said he found himself during the American League Championship Series.

Not hard, though, I’d imagine, with that big-a… huge-heinie bald head of his. [hehe] Just kidding around, there, boss [hehe], you strike a dashing figure.

Article Courtesy of NBC Universal

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