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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Future of Jobs in America

Innovation, R&D, and Education are Keys to Job Creation

Research and Development

That's the second part of the solution for job creation: research and development. But government spending on research and development actually fell by 3.8 percent in 2009. That's the worst drop in 30 years. Just when growing young industries like Printed Electronics are looking for money.

Andy Hannah's Pittsburgh company, Plextronics, which makes low cost solar panels, has quickly expanded to 70 employees. But the Europeans have pumped $1 billion into research, while the U.S. has done virtually nothing.

"We are behind," Hannah said. "This can bring a real manufacturing base back to the United States."

Intel just committed $7 billion to build new factories in Arizona, Oregon and New Mexico, to make the next generation of semiconductor devices. That will mean thousands of new jobs, but Justin Rattner said they may be hard to fill.

"Are you telling me that even if we innovate and create new products, we don't necessarily have the people to do the jobs," Mason asked.

"That's right," Rattner replied. "We're not graduating nearly the numbers of engineers that are coming out of universities in China and India and elsewhere."

Excerpt from CBS Reports/USA Today...

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