Business Community - Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation - Carnegie Mellon University

Through our evaluation, marketing and licensing processes, CTTEC ensures that technologies created in Carnegie Mellon's laboratories are developed and commercialized for the benefit of the widest appropriate audience.

We welcome established companies, large and small, and start-up firms that are interested in licensing Carnegie Mellon's inventions. Our experienced professionals work with industry to craft license agreements that meets business needs as well as the development needs of the technology. The following is an outline of what is required to successfully license Carnegie Mellon technology. Mutually beneficial working relationships occur when your company:

  • Sees the likely commercial benefit of the Carnegie Mellon technology.

  • Has the capability to develop the invention (usually early stage) and is willing to make a reasonable effort to commercialize it.

  • Demonstrates serious intent by negotiating a reasonable licensing fee and reimbursement of patent fees (where applicable).

  • Understands the University's primary goals of wide dissemination of new technologies for the public good.

  • Takes a partnership approach to working with Carnegie Mellon faculty.

For a better idea of the language CTTEC uses to licence technologies and partner with industry, visit our document library.

For additional general information on technology transfer and University licensing, please see our Resources.

For additional ways to get your company involved with Carnegie Mellon, you can also check out Carnegie Mellon University's Corporate Relations.

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