How to Work With Us-CTTEC - Carnegie Mellon University

As the organization charged with licensing and commercializing funded research, CTTEC has a wide purview across Carnegie Mellon's departments, schools and more than 90 centers and institutes. The expertise behind the team and our process provides efficiency from assessment to end results. We believe licensing and commercialization of university based research is a collaborative process between CTTEC, our researchers and third parties. CTTEC works with several departments and organizations across Carnegie Mellon as well as other organizations commercializing, funding, and licensing technologies.

There are several different ways CTTEC provides assistance to researchers and commercial partners:

  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Licensing technologies for commercial development.

  • Presenting technologies to commercial partners.

  • Engaging with and facilitating Carnegie Mellon based start-up ventures.

A key focus of CTTEC is building a community of experts to assist in the technology commercialization process. Members receive a unique view into the process of commercialization at Carnegie Mellon and access to our most promising commercialization opportunities. CTTEC is looking to gain insight, unique skills and resources from members to help accelerate the commercialization process. Specifically, if you are interested in engaging with a research team to evaluate, advise, invest or even join the management team of a CMU start-up company; or to provide market expertise in the evaluation of a CMU technology, this is an excellent way to get started and transfer university research into the market.