Entrepreneur Community - CTTEC - Carnegie Mellon University

CTTEC has a long history of providing critical services to the Carnegie Mellon research community for building and spinning out new ventures. Some of the services CTTEC provides include:

  • Assessing a company's potential

  • Advising on the business plan

  • Identifying potential candidates for company management

  • Making connections to service providers (economic development organizations, lawyers, accountants, etc.)

  • Providing connections to potential sources of funding

  • Helping secure physical space for incubation when available

In addition, CTTEC can provide gap funding assistance for qualified projects. The purpose of the gap fund program is to facilitate the literal transfer of new technologies to start-up companies. Some examples of funded activities include:

  • Business Plan development
  • Prototype development/testing

  • Market analysis/testing

  • Short-term support for consultants/first technical or business hire

  • Business development/partnering activities

Gap funds are available exclusively for CMU related start-up companies. For additional information and guidelines on the Gap Fund Program, please contact us.

Our model also extends to the entrepreneurial community outside Carnegie Mellon.  By facilitating connections between seasoned entrepreneurs and technologists, we add the right level of management expertise and industry understanding to compliment an emerging start-up.  Our approach is open and collaborative and our experience and processes help to build valuable connections between the entrepreneurial community and faculty researchers.  We are always looking to connect well qualified entrepreneurs with our start-ups. Get involved and keep in touch with CTTEC:

  • View a list of companies CTTEC has helped spin out of the University.
  • Follow us to hear about exciting new developments with research and commercialization prospects.
  • View our technologies at Flintbox.
  • Listen to some podcasts.

CTTEC also works closely with other campus organizations involved with start-ups. Please refer to our Resources for links to these organizations.