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CTTEC will add new interactive content to our website over time. Our goal is to provide resources for the community to engage with and to keep you up to date with exciting developments with companies that have gone through the technology transfer process at Carnegie Mellon.  The best way to "stay in the loop" is to follow us on any number of social media channels including:

We will be sending out broadcasts and generating discussions of new developments within the CTTEC community including:  new technologies available for license, new start-ups emerging from Carnegie Mellon, exciting developments with our existing portfolio companies and changes to our organization and industry. 

Carnegie Mellon spin-off companies are generally in need of management, talent, investment and commercial partners. CTTEC seeks to connect CMU start-up companies to these resources.

CTTEC manages an Expert Database, viewable by the Carnegie Mellon Community and targeted at faculty start-ups seeking individuals who can provide the resources specified above.