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In a little over a century, Carnegie Mellon has established itself as one the world's elite educational institutions. Our faculty and students engage in research with colleagues across campus, traversing traditional academic and departmental boundaries, to pioneer new methods of approaching problems. We seek practical solutions through collaborations that value creativity and leadership. Our commitment to expanding the limits of knowledge has always guided our work and will continue to do so in the days to come. Below are links to stories about a few of our revolutionary projects and their outcomes, as well as some current innovative research pursuits.

The Andrew Project

Wireless Andrew

Revolutionizing Search

Birth of Computer Science

The Management Game 

Interaction Design: Rethinking the Mobile Phone

Claytronics: Objects of Imagination 

Carnegie Mellon’s original campus design is said to have been modeled after a ship by the campus’s initial architect Henry Hornbostel. An actual ship's prow taken from the historic cruiser, the USS Pennsylvania, rests atop Roberts Hall, which overlooks Panther Hollow and the Carnegie Museum complex.

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