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University Partnership of Pittsburgh

Strengthening the Region

The University Partnership of Pittsburgh is a joint economic development initiative between the Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh, increasing coordination and the impact of the universities on the region's economy. The University Partnership actively collaborates with and serves as a university liaison to a variety of economic development agencies in the region and provides university access and support for company attraction, faculty consulting and technology commercialization activities.

Univeristy Partnership logo As home to two of the nation's leading research universities and a site of major redevelopment, Pittsburgh is alive with opportunity. From 2005 to 2007, there were fifty direct spinouts from Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh and there are over $524 million dollars in capital projects in Oakland planned for 2007-2011.

The University Partnership offers funding assistance and training for academic entrepreneurs, provides licensing opportunities for companies, facilitates the commercialization process for university investors, and coordinates networking and technical assistance to support the development of companies and technologies in the region.

Visit the University Partnership of Pittsburgh to learn more.

Carnegie Mellon’s original campus design is said to have been modeled after a ship by the campus’s initial architect Henry Hornbostel. An actual ship's prow taken from the historic cruiser, the USS Pennsylvania, rests atop Roberts Hall, which overlooks Panther Hollow and the Carnegie Museum complex.

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