Frequently Asked Questions-University Contracts - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we get at the UCO. We hope you can find an answer to your question here, but if not, please don't hesitate to call (8-2528) or email our office. 

When is UCO approval required?

How do I request UCO approval?

What is a "Click Through Agreement (CTA)"?

Do I need approval to purchase goods online?

The vendor we want to use is already in Oracle. Do we still need UCO approval?

We would like to hire a freelancer from an online service. What’s the procedure?

We are hosting a catered event. Do we need UCO approval? What about events at restaurants or other outside venues?

We need to purchase software. What should we do?

What about smartphone or tablet apps?

We’re hosting a speaker. Is a contract required? Or can we use an Honorarium?

Our department wants to hire an Independent Contractor. What should we do?

We are working with a foreign company or individual. What forms do we need?

We’re ordering custom printed or engraved items. Do we need UCO approval?

Professional Memberships and Conferences

There is a Master Services Agreement for this vendor. Do we need to consult UCO before ordering?

Can we charge a service to a PCard?

The vendor wants a signature on a quote or an invoice. Can I sign for it?

The vendor requires a deposit or payment on the date of service. How do I pay them?

Where are CMU forms?

Does the UCO offer training sessions?