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Click-Through Agreements & Software

Click-Through Agreements

Whenever a website user is required to click a box that says “I have read and understood all the terms and conditions,” they are entering a legally binding contract. The University refers to these as “Click-Through Agreements” or CTAs. CTAs are most commonly used for software, software-as-a-service and registration for use of a website. For an explanation of common CTA Terms and Conditions, please read this document.[pdf] 

Because checking the box enters the University into a legally binding agreement, all CTAs must be reviewed by the University Contracts Office.

The UCO has compiled a list of commonly requested CTAs.  For each vendor, you will find a statement that outlines the risks involved with the use of the product or service, as well as any security restrictions. That statement should be attached to any applicable financial reporting in Oracle, such as an ER or PRC. 

Security is an important concern. All University Guidelines for Data Classification apply to CTAs. If the product or service you wish to use cannot be used for Restricted or Private Data, please contact the UCO for additional review.

 If the vendor you wish to use is not on the CTA list, email us at with any available links for review.


The University has a complete list of licensed software that requires no UCO approval. For all other software, the UCO must review the terms and conditions before the software is purchased. Email us university-contracts@andrew.cmu.eduwith any available links for review.