URL Assignment-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

General Rules for URL Assignment

Your URL should give the user an idea where they are being directed. Ideally the URL will include the name of your group or department, or a commonly accepted nickname or abbreviation. When requesting a URL for a www.cmu.edu website, Computing Services will evaluate your request to ensure that it adheres to the following guidelines.

Naming Tips

In general, only lowercase letters and numbers should be used for URL names. Use hyphens rather than spaces or underscores to distinguish between words. Avoid capital letters as well as apostrophes and other non-alphanumeric characters.

Bad: http://www.cmu.edu/Silicon Valley

Good: http://www.cmu.edu/silicon-valley

Top Level URLs

Sites whose names immediately follow "www.cmu.edu/" in their URL are considered "top-level URLs." These are generally reserved for prominent groups such as departments or schools. It follows that names or acronyms that represent names of schools, departments, or programs will be reserved for that entity.

Example: http://www.cmu.edu/architecture/

Generic Top Level URLs

These are reserved for university departments that provide the service expected from navigating to that URL.


      (Reserved for university academic programs.)

      (Reserved for all university degrees.)

      (Reserved for all university courses.)

Second Level URLs

When a site is a member of a parent organization, we ask the parent group for their preferences with regard to the site's URL. It is preferable for URLs to reflect the organizational structure of the groups they represent.


Procurement Services is a part of the Finance Department. Therefore the Finance Department has a top-level URL of:


'Procurement Services' may be issued a second-level URL of:


Last Updated: 04/27/10