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UserWeb and CourseWeb

UserWeb and CourseWeb services allow members of the CMU Community to publish (make publicly available) a website from content stored in the Andrew File Server (AFS). When the publish request is initiated, HTML files are copied from the specified AFS directory to the hosted environment.

  • UserWeb
    The university provides all affiliates with AFS space (or a personal project volume). Web content is published using HTML files stored in the www directory of an individual’s AFS space. Personal web pages under UserWeb are published with a URL of where youruserid is your Andrew user ID.
  • CourseWeb
    Faculty and teaching assistants may request a CourseWeb Project Volume (AFS space) to upload and share course-related web pages to the server. Blackboard is the recommended technology for storing and sharing course-related information. Publishing works the same way, copying HTML files from the www directory of the CourseWeb Project Volume. CourseWeb project volumes are created in the /afs/andrew/course/ tree. CourseWeb pages are published with a URL of where courseid is the course ID number.


UserWeb - Students, faculty and staff
CourseWeb - Faculty and teaching assistants


  • UserWeb
    The university provides all campus affiliates with an AFS space; no request is necessary. Follow the instructions provided to create a www directory within your personal AFS space.
  • CourseWeb
    Faculty members and teaching assistants may request a project volume (course AFS space) by completing the Project Volume Request Form. The Eberly Center approves requests for project volumes.




Create a www directory
Transfer Files
Publish, Update, and Unpublish a Site
Use Authenticated Publication
Restrict Website Access
Lock Files


Bandwidth Usage Guideline: Andrew Web Server

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