My Groups Tab-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

My Groups Tab

Access the Carnegie Mellon Groups web service through (  If prompted, login to Web Login using your Andrew userID and password.  The Carnegie Mellon Groups window appears.

The My Groups tab displays the Carnegie Mellon Groups for which you are either an Administrator or a Member. You can modify the groups for which you are an Administrator but can only view group detail for those that your are a Member of.

Note: The My Groups tab displays 10 groups at a time within the Administrator or Member area of the page. If you are an administrator or member of more than 10 groups, a Next link appears at the bottom of the listing to display the next page of up to 10 groups.

My Groups tab
  • Group: Each group name is a link to additional details about the group and edit options for those for which you are an Administrator. Please see the Modify a Group section for a description of the group detail.
  • Description: a short sentence set by the Group Administrators describing the purpose of the group
  • Administrators: a list of AndrewIDs for the administrators for the group
  • Show dynamic/static: A link that toggles the display between a list of dynamic groups or a list of static groups.

Last Updated: 9/10/08