Modify a Group-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Modify a Group

  1. From the Groups I Administrator section of the My Groups tab, click on the group name of the group you would like to modify.
  2. The Group Details for that group display.
  3. Click Edit Group and modify the fields as follows:
    Note: Because cached groups are automatically created and maintained, you will not have the option to edit them.
    Edit Group
    • Description: Type a short sentence describing the purpose of the group.
    • Privacy Flags: This option controls whether the owner and/or list of members can be viewed by those who are not part of the group. Select (check) owner and/or member if the names should be private or hidden.
    • Autoremove flags: Select auto remove owner and/or auto remove member to have these names automatically removed from the group if they are no longer associated with the university.
    • Administrators & Members: You can remove or add userIDs to the list of administrators and or members.
      • To REMOVE an Administrator or Member from the group: Click on the userID you want to remove (or shift+click to select more than one userID) and then click Remove.
      • To ADD an Administrator or Member to the group: Enter a userID and select the correct domain (e.g.,,, etc.) from the drop-down list. Click Add.
        Note: To add more than one administrator or member, enter the userIDs separated by a space.
      • To lookup a person: Select the Open a new window link near the bottom of the page.  The Search People window opens.  
    • Click Update Group to save your changes.
      Update Group

Last Updated: 9/10/08