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Policies, Fees and Taxes

Acceptable Use Policy

All individuals using the Online Credit Card Processing Service to make or process online payments are responsible for protecting their own Andrew account passwords. For more information, visit Managing Your Andrew Account Password.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)

Appendix A of the PCI DSS Guidelines for Merchants lists a number of requirements for e-commerce storefronts. Individuals using the Online Credit Card Processing Service to process payments must read and conform to these guidelines.

Storefront Fees

Storefronts are charged the following fee for use of the credit card processing system:

  • Visa & Mastercard  - 27 cents per transaction + roughly 2.0%
  • American Express - 27 cents per transaction + roughly 2.9%

The breakdown of fees are as follows:

  • Bank Intercharge Rate - Visa/MasterCard/American Express charges the merchant to accept the card as a form of payment. These fees are a variable based on the number of circumstances, but are roughly 1.9-2.1% for Visa/MasterCard and 2.9% for American Express. Additionally, we are charged $0.10/transaction.
  • Paymentech - This is our processor which moves the funds between the cardholders bank and our bank. We pay a fixed .2663% (.002663) of the transaction amount.
  • CyberSource - This is our third-party web source who provides us with the ability to process these credit card payments over the web. We allocate the university cost of this service currently at $0.17/transaction.

Sales Tax

If you are going to consider the use of the Web for external sales, you should make yourself aware of the requirements for collection of sales tax. In terms of identifying taxable/non-taxable items, the Reporting & Taxation department on campus can be a resource.

Storefront Taxing

This functionality will need to be programmed into the storefront, such that items will need to be flagged as taxable or non-taxable (e.g., clothing is not taxable in Pennsylvania), tax will need to be calculated (7% as of 2007), and then identified to the general ledger string 4031500000000000000000101 for distribution.

Accepting Gifts

Do not use storefronts, or the credit card processing system, to accept university gifts.

It is extremely important that all ecommerce gifts are processed through the Carnegie Mellon "Make a Gift" website. A link can be added to your storefront that will take the donor to the official university online gift page.

If you have any questions regarding gifts to the university please call the Office of Gift Administration at 412-268-2027.