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Charges & Credits

Once the customer submits the credit card collection page:

  • The customer will be sent to a response page with your departmental contact information.
  • The customer's credit card will be charged if the transaction was successful.  Regardless of which departmental storefront charged the customer, their statement will show the charge as Carnegie Mellon Univ Pittsburgh PA, since there is only one merchant identifier for the university.
  • The successful transaction will be posted into Oracle Financials.  Administrative Computing is responsible for posting all credit card transactions into the financial system on a nightly basis.
  • The department will receive notification of a successful transaction immediately.  The merchant reference number of all successful transactions will be sent to the URL that you specified for your store number.  In order to use this feature, the following criteria is required:
    • a unique merchant reference number for each transaction
    • a merchant reference number comprised of only digits
    • the URL to which the merchant reference number is sent must be on a secure server