Web Browsers-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Web Browsers

Most web browsers work with the majority of web sites. However, some web applications may require a specific browser or version. Please refer to the web application documentation or service owner for specific browser support requirements.

Regardless of the web browser that you select, it is important that you keep your web browser updated. Run QUALYS Browser Check regularly. This tool will walk you through updating any browser-related applications; and will help protect your computer from those actively exploiting security flaws through the web.

General Browser Requirements

Computing Services recommends the following browser requirements for compatibility with most web applications.

  • Should be configured to accept cookies. Cookies are used by the Web Login authentication service.
  • Should be capable of 128-bit encryption.
  • Should be able to support the import of root certificates, such as the Carnegie Mellon root certificate.
  • Should support JavaScript. Some web services may not function properly if JavaScript is disabled (e.g., Webmail, Blackboard, set password tool).
Note: To configure your browser to accept cookies or enable JavaScript, follow the steps in the browser's help.